May 2019

Inserm & Paris-Saclay UMR-S 1174 offers a post-doctoral position. 
UMR-S 1174, a member of the iLite (innovations in Liver tissue engineering) project, aims at producing a functional biliary network which has been a missing element in all previous studies.
              UMR-S 1174 post-doctoral position

March 2018

“Tissue & Organ Bioengineering” MOOC: registration is open!
CellSpace, with Université Paris-Sud and the Hepatinov Academic Hospital Department, releases its “Tissue & Organ Bioengineering” MOOC on the FUN platform. The MOOC is designed for students, scientists and anyone interested in learning about the recent advances and techniques in bioengineering of organs and tissues.
The MOOC flyer is available here:
Présentation MOOC ‘Tissue & Organ Bioengineering’
In order to directly access to the MOOC on the FUN platform, please click here:

February 2018

Cyprio recruitment 
The start-up Cyprio, created in 2107 and specialised in the production of hepatic and pancreatic cell spheroids offers a post-doc position!
              2018-02 – Cyprio – Job offer

September 2017

Cellenion and Biopredic open a joint laboratory for regenerative liver sciences at Hospital Paul-Brousse, under the CellSpace banner
French companies and clinical researchers create a center of gravity for liver bioprinting
On Wednesday, September 13th, Biopredic International and Cellenion unveiled a new joint “CellSpace” laboratory at Hospital Paul-Brousse in Villejuif (south of Paris).
Cellenion, a daughter company of Berlin based Scienion AG, is a specialist in fully automated printing of viable cells for applications in the fields of bio-printing and bio-analytics. Biopredic International, a company based in Rennes, is a world leader in the production of a large range of cells and associated products for industrial research applications, with focus in pharmacokinetics, toxicology and pharmacology studies.
“Being able to work using bioprinting technologies offering resolution down to single cell is a fundamental tool in biology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine” said Guilhem Tourniaire, Directeur Général at Cellenion, “With Biopredic, we have found a partner with excellent cell-based products and deep expertise in liver tissues engineering. This new facility will enable close collaborations with world-class clinicians and researchers to drastically accelerate development in liver tissue bioengineering”.
“We are a very customer focused company. As such, we always seek to expand our portfolio of solutions across the latest platform technologies” states Christophe Chesné, Chief Executive Officer at Biopredic and adds “Cellenion’s new acoustic based bioprinting technology is very synergistic with our cell and cell culture capabilities. The expertise of both companies are highly complementary, and working together in a joint laboratory will extend the companies’ clinical reach far beyond what was possible today”.
In recognition to the instrumental role of the association CellSpace in enabling this joint laboratory opening, the laboratory was officially named “CellSpace”. This Paris-based association funded by donations is dedicated to build an international platform devoted to the construction of bioengineered tissues in order to address the shortage of organ suitable for transplantation.
“Cellspace is very pleased that two high tech and key commercial partners for regenerative liver sciences have settled in Villejuif and started joint activities in close proximity to patient care at Paul-Brousse Hospital“ states Prof. Dominique Franco, Founder and Chairman of Cellspace.
Cellenion, Biopredic, CellSpace and scientists at Paul-Brousse Hospital Campus are also members of the iLite (Innovations Liver Tissue Engineering) RHU project. iLite is a 5-year project funded by the National Research Agency (ANR), directed by professor Jean-Charles Duclos-Vallée, that gathers leading French researchers, clinicians and industrial partners to develop an external bio-artificial liver for acute liver failure patients, liver-on-a-chip platform for toxicology studies and, in the longer term, a transplantable bio-constructed liver. The joint laboratories of Cellenion and Biopredic are geared to accelerate research within the iLite consortium and establish new collaborations with researchers and clinicians at Paul-Brousse Hospital as well as other university hospitals in the region.

January 2017

External bio-artificial liver: Cécile Legallais’s interview 
Cécile Legallais, a CNRS/Université de Technologie Compiègne (UTC) researcher, comments on her project of an external bio-artificial liver. UTC is a member of CellSpace and Mrs Legallais ‘s team participates in the iLite project (see below). 
Listen to the interview on CNRS/la radio (in French, 0-11mn, 35-38mn)

October 2016

iLite recruitment 
The Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA) is one of the members of the iLiTE project (innovation in Liver Tissue Engineering) and recruits a post-doctoral research scientist in the fields of micropatterning and bioprinting. 
              CEA – iLiTE recruitment

  June 27, 2016

Breaking News: iLiTE wins the second call for RHU projects 
The international jury of the RHU (University Hospital Health Research) second call for projects of the Future Investments Program decided to fund 10 projects of which iLiTE (innovations in Liver Tissue Engineering).
The RHU program supports translational projects involving academic research, hospitals and businesses. The 10 funded projects will help strengthen the links between basic research with clinical but also industrial applications, and are part of the national strategy for research and health designed by the Government.
iLiTE (innovations in Liver Tissue Engineering), the driver of which is the Hepatinov DHU, brings together teams of the Paul-Brousse and Saint-Louis hospitals, University of Paris Saclay, CEA, INSERM,  INRIA and four companies. All these actors are members of CellSpace who pooled their energies and ambitions. This achievement confirms the validity of the CellSpace strategy to bring together the expertise in medecine, biology, physical sciences and engineering in order to encourage the creation of bioengineered organs.
    2016-06-27 – Communiqué de presse Investissements d’Avenir

 March 19, 2016

Conference at Bio’Tech
As part of the “semaine de l’industrie” event (, held from the 16th to the 20th of March 2016, Dominique Franco, President of CellSpace, gives a presentation on producing bioengineered organs, on Saturday, 19th of March, 2016, from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, in the premises of the Sup’Biotech school, 66 rue Guy Moquet in Villejuif.

 March 4, 2016

CellSpace at the ICOMOS meeting “Analogous challenges for ethics in human reconstruction” – Presentation
2016-03-04 – CellSpace presentation at the ICOMOS meeting

 February 10, 2016

Call for tender by Plan d’Investissement d’Avenir: iLite project of liver bioconstruction
iLite – Résumé – Executive summary

 December 4, 2015

Hepatinov Conference: “Towards advanced hepatic tissue engineering” – Program
2015-12-04 – Hepatinov Conference – Program

 June 23, 2015

Full house for the conference “Tissue and Organ Bio-construction: the New Markets”
Download the overview  (text in French):
2015-06-23 – Conférence – La bio-construction de tissus et d’organes les nouveaux marchés à venir
Watch or download the video:
Vidéo – La bio-construction de tissus et d’organes – Les nouveaux marchés à venir